Dirk Veulemans - Composer

1/9  The Archimedes in my Studio (on screen my TX81Z editor)

2/9  Archimedes Logo

3/9  The ARC video album

4/9  Genesis

5/9  Thirteen Gold Ides

6/9  Hypertetrahedron

7/9  Cathedral

8/9  Meditative Space

9/9  Tendequaar

ARC - Acorn Risk Computer

In 1987, Acorn, an English computer manufacturer, released its Archimedes personal computer. A very powerful device that was 8 times faster than its competitors. The microprocessor in it was built according to a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) architecture, which resulted in remarkable performance.

I gratefully took advantage of this performance to create computer images that were built on the same principles as the electronic music that accompanied them.

No Video

So the images that could be seen were not videos, but were calculated at performance time ( in real-time, that is). Live Graphics!

The possibilities to work with images were also very accessible. When a few years later the Windows computers came along, I left it at that. These computers could also be programmed graphically, but that had to be done via the system with windows and that was very complicated. Too complicated to express myself graphically with it.


A Video Album

But here is the album I compiled from old VHS recordings* on Vimeo, showing my Archimedean creations.

* Hypertetrahedron is not an old video recording, but was recreated with Processing

laatste update: 2021.06.06

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