Dirk Veulemans - Composer

1/1  Retrospective

Looking Back

This album contains old compositions. However, every composition has its story, which you can read on another page. The links at the bottom of the page are provided for that purpose.

Tape music

I have just experienced the end of the analogue composition studio. These compositions can still be called "tape compositions". The editing was done on tape, but the sound sources are already digital. Only in the first song, Suite, the analogue synthesiser has been used.

Multi channel

Some of these compositions are also multichannel to be performed on a 4- to 8-channel speaker configuration. An attempt was made to preserve the 3D component in those pieces by remixing them for this album with binauralizer software. However, nothing has been changed in the sound.


The 3D aspect can only be heard through a headphone or good earphones. Those who take the effort to put on those listening devices are also rewarded by a much better sound. Speakers have to be really good to match the sound quality of a good headphone.

Have a good time listening !!

laatste update: 2021.07.01

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