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A memorable day for more than one reason.

  1. A date I prefer to write as 22022022 (ddmmyyyy Dutch notation). Such a beautiful date palindrome does not come along very often. And why do I like that? Well, yes.
  2. But above all ... (trumpet blast)
    Also Today my book "From Tendequaar to Nightingale" was printed! (in Dutch)
    I did everything myself: of course the research and writing, but also the design, layout, image editing and preparation for printing. So it was quite thrilling, but the result is really good. I am absolutely over the moon.
  3. [LINK] Find out more on this page!


A part that was still missing on this website and that has absorbed quite a lot of my time and energy, gets its first page here today in a series of 3 or 4. I am talking about my MIDI-controlled organs that I build myself and for which I also make the music. The construction process can be found in the "Research" section, the music in "Compositions".

Two links that you can follow

  1. Getting started. A 20 tone organ
  2. Fado for two pipe organs


After a trial run of a few weeks, this web gallery was also announced on Instagram and Facebook today. The choice to do this with Hypertetrahedron came a bit by coincidence, because producer and passionate electro musician Yves Schelpe, who I have seen taking his first steps in music, chose this composition to play in his online radio show The EclectriCast episode #022.


An exciting but also a wonderful moment: Switching this website on! Everyone can now see, read, watch, listen.

And you know what? At the same time as starting this website, 3 albums with my music have been published on https://dirkveulemans.bandcamp.com. You can listen to everything there, but you can also listen to that music, right here on this website. Make sure you have good earphones or headphones ready to enjoy the spaciousness in the music and the beautiful sounds

And finally this, the website is not completely finished yet! Some texts still need to be translated, there is still a lot of music to be added and I haven't told anything about my organ building yet. So come and have a look once in a while!

Thank you for your visit!


And from today on, also the English pages started to work. The multi-language system has been organised and launched. Translation work for all the pages here has started


There is a new feature: The news ! The item "News" will be in front if there is real news, i.e. not older than 14 days. Afterwards it will move more towards the back.


The work on the new website has started. The intention is that it complements my book. A first: "W&B" ! Website & Book. You want to have them both!

The requirements are not minimal: get quickly to the desired information, pleasant to visit, responsive design so that it presents itself nicely on almost all screens and with lots of photos, video, audio, text.

And all that with very limited use of big tech. No Google, No Wordpress, ... Everything coded by myself using open source software and standard HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL.

laatste update: 2022.02.28

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