Dirk Veulemans - Composer

1/5  From Tendequaar to Nightingale

2/5  Printed on the palindrome date 22022022 (22.02.2022)

3/5  Dirk happy

4/5  Dirk happy

5/5  Dirk proud


I have kept a lot of photos, notes, programme notes, computer programmes, sound files, etc. about my musical pursuits and creations over the years. From all this archive, this book has now been compiled. In it, my entire musical life has been transformed from an archive into a story. Hundreds of images. Sound files. Everything is part of it!

Six years of work

I started working on this around my 60th birthday and the work was finished two months before I turned 66. A decent and lengthy piece of work. When the document started getting too big, it even had to be put on a different and faster computer. It ended up being 322 pages.


On this beautiful palindrome date, the first 3 proof copies were printed at the cooperative printing company De Wrikker in Borgerhout. (B)

A total package

The end result, by now, is not just the book, as this is offered as a package that also includes a carrier (USB stick) with the accompanying music and videos on it.

At the concert with book presentation on 2 Dec 2022, the first limited edition was immediately sold out.

How to order

The package became available from Dec 2nd, 2022. You can order by sending a message via the contact form on this website. As soon as I receive it, you will receive an email with an order form. Please note that the book is only available in Dutch.

laatste update: 2023.01.25

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