Dirk Veulemans - Composer


1/6  SEM-studio 1986.
(photo: Joris De Laet)

2/6  Joris De Laet.
(photo: Joris De Laet)

3/6  SEM concert Plateau hall Ghent 2003 - Introductory note by De Laet

4/6  SEM concert Plateau hall Ghent 2003

5/6  SEM concert Plateau hall Ghent 2003 - Joris De Laet, Paul Adriaenssens

6/6  SEM ensemble 2003 - Elisatbeth Andersson, Sven Hermans, Paul Adriaenssens Joris De Laet, Erwin Van Troyen, Dirk Veulemans

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