Dirk Veulemans - Composer

1/6  SEM-studio 1986.
(photo: Joris De Laet)

2/6  Joris De Laet.
(photo: Joris De Laet)

3/6  SEM concert Plateau hall Ghent 2003 - Introductory note by De Laet

4/6  SEM concert Plateau hall Ghent 2003

5/6  SEM concert Plateau hall Ghent 2003 - Joris De Laet, Paul Adriaenssens

6/6  SEM ensemble 2003 - Elisatbeth Andersson, Sven Hermans, Paul Adriaenssens Joris De Laet, Erwin Van Troyen, Dirk Veulemans

SEM ontstaat vanuit de muziek

SEM arose from the natural desire to share the pleasure of listening to and producing electroacoustic music. The enthusiasm for this music comes from the experience of sound. During the composition process and production, the composer enjoys the greatest possible freedom and independence. These advantages lead to a constant expansion of possibilities and to the exploration of limits.

This pleasure can only be shared if the music is given the opportunity to be heard and presented to the widest possible audience. This was the stimulus for promoting concerts.

Exploring new technical possibilities and at the same time giving them artistic meaning was the incentive for founding the SEM ensemble. In this mobile working group, each participant was able to make an individual contribution according to their own insights and development. Thinking within the electronic sound matter with the intention of producing them oneself requires technical insight. The more this insight evolves, the more comfortable it is to work out this musical matter in depth. The SEMinaries were set up to help with this, and the facilities of my private studio were made available to our members. One activity spontaneously led to another. All parties, the few that you really want to attend. Obvious. That is all there is to it.

Joris de Laet - on the occasion of 25 years SEM - January 1998


My introduction to composing electronic music was with Joris De Laet at the Antwerp Conservatory. My introduction to performing with this music happened with the Studio for Experimental Music or S.E.M. for short.

SEM was founded by Joris de Laet in 1973. SEM thus originated in a time when for electronic sound generation only analogue devices such as tape recorders and (modular) synthesizers were available. Gradually, the possibilities expanded with the increasing availability of digital devices and later even software. I was invited by De Laet in 1988 to become a member.

The links below to related pages, refer to compositions to which a SEM performance was linked. Usually this was a concert at which SEM colleagues also presented their creations.

SEM in 2003

The SEM concert in 2003 in the Plateau Hall in Ghent at the invitation of the Lucien Goethals Foundation was, if I remember correctly, my last participation in an SEM concert. The photo with the SEM ensemble shows composers who (apart from Adriaenssens and De Laet) mainly took part in the later digital period.

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