Dirk Veulemans - Composer

1/8  Brussel 2004 - Atomium

2/8  Antwerp 2007 (Zandman - Musicians Spectra)

3/8  Ekeren 2014 (Workshop Soundscapes)

4/8  Ekeren 2014 (Workshop Soundscapes)

5/8  Amsterdam 2012 (Orgelpark - Spectra)

6/8  Amiens 2017 - Festival JIMEC

7/8  Ghent 2012 (Keeping Track)

8/8  Amiens 2017 - Festival JIMEC

Curriculum Vitae

Dirk Veulemans studied electronic music composition with Joris de Laet at the Antwerp Conservatory in 1987-88 and has since worked with various ensembles and artistic companies, as well as for events at home and abroad. His wide musical interests range from ethnic to contemporary music.

Since 2019 he is a member of the board of ComAV and FeBeME-BeFEM. There, as a representative of electroacoustic music, he lobbies for greater recognition of electroacoustic art music.

His own work

His work consists mainly of electroacoustic compositions, striving to create his own colourful and diverse palette of sounds. The computer has been an important tool in this process from the very beginning, and the programming of algorithms is his language.

The spatiality and agility of sound are also central to his work, both in the compositional process and in performance. To this end, he has built his own acousmonium, which includes a section of home-made loudspeakers. In recent years he has also explored the integration of acoustic elements into his compositions. He does this with self-built computer-controlled acoustic instruments such as his pipe organs and speaker whistles.


Dirk Veulemans (Ostend, Belgium 1956),
Lives in Kalmthout, Belgium.

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