Dirk Veulemans - Composer

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2/4  View of the audience

3/4  standing: Valentin Becmann, Jean-Baptiste Zellal, Kobe Wens, Lieven Martens, Inge van den Kroonenberg, Dimitri Coppe, Todor Todoroff, Annette Vande Gorne
sitting: Dirk Veulemans, Daniel Perez Hajdu, Roeland Luyten, Joris de Laet, Paul Adriaenssens

4/4  The BOEM partners

BOEM #2 in Het Bos

One year after the first edition of BOEM, the artists' house Het Bos was once again ready to host the next edition on the 9th of February 2022.

This edition of BOEM was sold out. There was already a waiting list for tickets. But then the weather forecast announced a strong storm and advised everyone to stay home. Nevertheless, BOEM was able to welcome a good turnout.

Partners in the BOEM project were The Week of Sound and the composers' associations FebeME-BeFEM and ComAV.

At the time, world news was dominated by reports of a highly contagious variant of the coronavirus. BOEM 2020 could be held just before this pandemic halted all cultural life.

The concert

PART 1 - 19:00

  1. Annette Vande Gorne - Haiku printemps
  2. Joris de Laet - Mnemosyne
  3. Valentin Becmann - Ricordami
  4. Paul Adriaenssens - Could Have
  5. Valery Vermeulen - Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 #00, #01_03, #05
  6. Jean-Baptiste Zellal - Metroid
  7. IJ - Ursup

PART 2 - 21:00

  1. Dirk Veulemans - In Paradisum
  2. Dimitri Coppe - En pression
  3. Lieven Martens – Dust, The habu snake
  4. Kobe Wens - In the zone you smile!
  5. Daniel Perez Hajdu - Respiration des pierres
  6. Roeland Luyten - Hooks
  7. Todor Todoroff - Obsession

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