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3/4  Old letter tray

4/4  Tendequaar (screenshot)

Tendequaar en pseudotekstgenerator

The text " Het Teken " was written by Paul Moyaert, philosopher.

In the work Tendequaar (see link below), the successive letters of this text were used as input for the pseudo-text generator that works on the basis of the order of these letters. The composition is about the idea (semantics), a text (syntax) that eventually disintegrates into signs, the ideational atoms. Moyaert's text also deals with the letter symbol. This text (in 1979) still speaks of material inscriptions, i.e. physical signs. The question nowadays is to what extent we can still speak of physical signs in our screen culture.

Het teken - door Paul Moyaert

With the author's permission, an excerpt from a Dutch essay on Derrida, published in 1981 by S. IJsseling at Ambo, was copied to the Dutch-language page. And here I have to exceptionally disappoint the English-speaking reader because in my opinion this text should remain in the original language.

I appreciate your understanding here.

What the purpose of this text is, can be read on the page Tendequaar (see link at bottom of page)

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